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SEVENTEEN (세븐틴) 4th Album 'Face the Sun'
2022.05.27 1PM (KST)
2022.05.27 0AM (ET)






    FAQ (work in progress) - some answers in the poster already

    Can I add a picture with my tweet?

    You can (It’s not written in the rules that you can’t).

    When does the voting end everyday?

    4PM KST.

    If I already tweeted/retweeted 6 times today, I just need to post or retweet 4 times and then that's all for today?

    Yes, that's all for this account on Twitter today (as long as these are valid votes and you don't spam.)

    How can my votes be disqualified?
    What's a ghost account? Do I have a ghost account?

    We URGE you to use your OTHER twitter account NOT ONLY to vote but also TWEET, INTERACT with other Carats, LIKE, REPLY…
    They don’t have to be active 24/7 but they have to look like real accounts, not bots.
    Get these accounts a normal profile picture and bio.Do not take this lightly since it’s written in the rules that if your accounts are identified as bots, ghosts accounts, etc. your votes will be disqualified.
    Voting rules:
    We do not know how how the vote counting will proceed. We don’t know about the technology used to filter the votes out. We just know that we need to be careful.

    How many times can I vote per day?

    If you have 1 Twitter account and 1 Facebook account, you'll be able to vote maximum 30 times/day.
    10 votes on website with your Twitter account
    10 votes on website with your Facebook account
    10 votes on Twitter with your Twitter account
    The more accounts you have, the more you'll be able to vote.

    If someone tweets and retweets more than 10 tweets with the correct format, would it invalidate all their votes?

    No, it wouldn't. Just make sure you don't tweet too much either so you're not identified as a bot.

    Can I vote on the website with a Twitter private account?

    From the official voting rules: "Your Twitter account must be public to use Billboard Website Voting."

    Should I create Facebook and Twitter accounts with temporary gmail accounts?

    We do not encourage it since we had problems with temp emails during MAMA.